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about us

Looking for something new to do? Bored? We got you covered!

MISH MASH is an urban adventure where teams work together to complete the challenges that are hidden behind every door. 

The first of its kind, our purpose is to create an environment where you can escape and play, all while challenging yourself and your team.


We grew up wishing we could be on all the TV adventure game shows we saw on the TV like Double Dare™, American Gladiators™, and Legends of the Hidden Temple™ – so we created a place we could play those games as grown-ups. No slime, we promise. If these TV show names mean nothing to you, just trust us, they were really cool! 



The Experience 

While at MISH MASH, you’ll work with your team made up of 2 – 6 people to try and complete as many rooms as possible, in the shortest amount of time – aiming of course, for the highest score.


Your team will either test your brains or body – depending on which doors you decide to open and the challenge that awaits you.

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