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team building

Have you and your office/group/school (tribe) had enough of the usual bowling, axe throwing, escape rooms, and laser tag outings? Us too, which is one of the reasons why we created MISH MASH.


MISH MASH was built for groups and team building – why else would we make it a requirement to play with two people or more?


Our immersive and themed challenge rooms will not only ensure your tribe is having fun and breaking down barriers, each room requires collaboration and motivation to complete, teamwork is our JAM! Each member of your tribe will hone their teamwork skills while getting to know their counterparts better, all while having FUN. And we mean real FUN, not ‘forced-fun’ that tend to be common on team-building trips! (We’ve been on a fair share ourselves!)

We also have a party room available for complimentary use upon request, where your tribe can gather before/after/during gameplay for the best experience possible.
Take advantage of our group packages and give us a shout to get them customized to suit your needs. We provide special pricing for groups with over 15 guests.

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